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In April 2010 I began writing an international motosport column for the Dundalk Democrat. The column has centred around Formula 1 and MotoGP and has been styled to allow the sport become more accessible to the average sportsfan. To do this I have included in each column small nuggets of information that will increase the readers knowledge of the sport. This approach has been very successful with numerous readers commenting on how they have started, or indeed restarted, watching the sport.

While Formula 1 and MotoGP dominate “The Chequered Flag Column” I have reported on other sports as well such as rugby and American Football also. In July the “North East Stages Rally” was due to take place and for that I was present at the launch of the event as well as previewing the rally.

For a report on the launch of the rally please click here, for the preview please click here.

My initial foray into the world of journalism took place in  April 2010 when I reported on the Circuit of Ireland Rally. The CoI is the world’s second oldest Rally and  Ireland’s most keenly contested motorsport event. In the past the rally took competitors throughout the entire country but in recent years this has not been possible, The CoI is one of the premier sporting events on the Irish sporting calendar.

My report was published by both the Dundalk Democrat and The Argus.

In addition my work with The Dundalk Democrat I have also had work published on Autosport.com and reported on numerous races for crash.net.