Bus driver holiday in Barcelona at the Formula 1….

It’s a nice change of pace to go to an F1 race and be able to work away without the pressure that can engulf a MotoGP weekend. By not having to earn a crust at an F1 race it means that you can spend your time working through the things that you’d like to do rather than running and racing from one session to the next and one debrief to the next. With Formula 1 and MotoGP both racing in Barcelona it never ceases to amaze how different the two Grand Prix are in terms of character and patronage.

At the F1 this weekend the crowd will still be mostly Spanish but this race has become almost a second home race for the British drivers such is the number of British fans that avail of cheap flights to the Costa del Sol. With great weather and (hopefully!) great racing this weekend the trip is always worthwhile for race fans.

Here’s some pics from today….

D34A2797 D34A2834 D34A2917 D34A2925 D34A2946 D34A3024 D34A3038 D34A3124 D34A3220 D34A3249 D34A3329 D34A3401

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