Laverty annoyed as ‘right call’ goes wrong

michael laverty assen friday 2014 (3)Michael Laverty was left frustrated and annoyed by a missed opportunity at the Dutch TT with the Irishman finishing the race 17th after having need three pitstops to make the change from wet tyres to slicks.

Speaking after the race Laverty told of the difficulties that he faced and how he had two aborted pitstops before finally being able to change to a dry setup:

“I’m really annoyed because I made the right call with wets at the start and I didn’t take any chances when it started to dry,” said Laverty. “I made the jump early to my dry bike but when I came in the boys hadn’t got the bike ready, it was still on a wet setup, so I had to do another lap before it was ready and by that time my race was already done.

michael laverty assen friday 2014 (1)“When I came in was the right time to come in and it was a few laps before everyone else in the dry because I would have had a few laps to get up to speed. Unfortunately though the team couldn’t read my mind out there and didn’t anticipate me coming in and have the spare bike ready. I can’t be too angry with them though but I’m just frustrated to miss an opportunity like today because even after the second stop I was racing with Broc so if the bike was ready that time I would have been on for a good result. It’s just one of those things.”

For riders such as Laverty a wet race is a Godsend because it offers them a chance to challenge some of the more established runners but while he had solid pace in the dry it was to no avail following the pitstop problems. When asked if he felt that he had the potential for a strong result in the wet the Irishman refused to speculate on what might have been:

michael laverty assen thursday 2014 (2)“I thought that if it rained properly that we’d have had a chance but that if it was in between that anything could happen. That was the scenario that we had and it was wet for half the track but not wet enough to call it a wet track. I didn’t take too many chances and I just tried to hang in there and not lose too much ground before the change to dry tyres. It could have been a whole lot different today but there’s no point talking about ifs and buts, we just weren’t prepared enough and it cost us.”

The challenge of racing in these mixed conditions is arguably the toughest facing a MotoGP rider and Laverty explained the difficulties facing riders during today’s race:

“It’s hard to manage the change from wets to slicks because the bike is so soft and flexible on wets and then it’s hard to generate the heat into the dry tyres so it takes a few laps to get going on the dry tyres after you make the change. It’s a tough transition, especially when there’s drops of rain in the air, because you’ve got to generate heat with these tyres to make them work.”

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