Edwards hints at Michelin development role for 2015

colin edwards mugello fp1 2014Friday proved to be a positive day for Colin Edwards with the American relishing using a new chassis on his Forward Yamaha and commenting that for 2015 he is looking to take on a role of development rider with Michelin.

Edwards, who has struggled with his Forward Yamaha throughout the season with a lack of feeling from the chassis was given a new lease of life today with a new FTR chassis that has given him back the confidence that he has been missing throughout the season.

Speaking to Crash.net after the session when asked about the new chassis a relaxed Edwards said:

colin edwards cota 2014“It’s great, it’s so good,” commented the double World Superbike champion. “I’m in love with racing motorcycles again! When you want to do something and the bike does it everything’s easy. With this chassis where ever I look the bike goes and that’s all that I can ask for. It’s better everywhere [corner entry, edge grip, corner exit] and normally when you make it better somewhere you lose something somewhere else.

“With the old chassis, for me, basically I never understood it. Everything with this one is better and once you have a chassis that works and you can feel things on you can come in and say ‘the front feels soft’ or ‘let’s change the preload’. I can work with a chassis that I can understand but with the old chassis I’d come in and they’d say, ‘do you want to change a spring?’ and I’d think, ‘I don’t know, it still doesn’t turn.’ When you can have something that works and you understand it’s so much easier.”

Even with the afternoon session seeing no running due to light rain Edwards’ spirit was not damped:

colin-edwards-pitlane-qatar-motogp-fp2-2014“It’s not a big deal to lose the afternoon. We’ve got a pretty good setup and I did my fastest lap on the 18th lap of the soft tyre. That was still when I was gaining experience with the chassis. With the electronics we had a couple of corners that we didn’t have any power so once we get those little bits fixed we’ll be good.”

With Michelin having been confirmed as the sole tyre supplier in MotoGP for 2016 onwards Edwards is a prime candidate for a role with the French company given his experience with their tyres in the past and his knowledge of modern MotoGP machinery. Having announced his retirement at his home Grand Prix in Texas there has been speculation as to what his future holds.

When asked by Crash.net if he had held any discussions with Michelin about next year the Texan said:

“Yesterday I had no contact with them…today I’ve got no comment! It would be something that I’d be interested in doing for sure.”

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