Cudlin: You have to willing to give it a go

damian-cudlin-valencia-motogp-fp2-2013Having been thrown in at the deep during September’s Aragon Grand Prix Damian Cudlin has acquitted himself well on the PBM MotoGP machine in recent races. The Australian, who had been racing in the German Superbike Championship, has had some decent showings and been able to race with some of the regular riders during his six race tenure.

Valencia marks the end of his season and the beginning of an uncertain time for Cudlin as he looks to finalise plans for next season.

Speaking exclusively to when asked about his time in MotoGP and whether it may lead to a move to World Superbikes in 2014 Cudlin said:

damian-cudlin-philip-island-motogp-qualifying-2013“It’s been a big challenge but I’ve got to say that I’ve really enjoyed being here and riding for PBM,” said Cudlin. “It’s a great bunch of guys and they make me feel welcome and comfortable here so it’s like I’ve been here all year. We’ve found some things with the bike that we could improve but because I’ve only been here for a short space time we’re limited in what we can do. It’s been tough but I’ve enjoyed it and I’m glad that I did it and I’d love the opportunity to work with them again some time.

damian-cudlin-valencia-motogp-fp1-2013“You never know [about the future] but you’ve got to be willing to give it a go. I think if we had some rain in the races that I did it might have let me show more potential but as we say in Australia ‘If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle!’ You have to look at what we’ve done and it’s been a challenge but I’m glad that I did it and I’ve made some good contacts and fingers crossed. I haven’t committed to anything for next year.”

After the opening day of practice Cudlin was 24th fastest and looks set to be in the fight with the likes of Bryan Staring and Luca Scassa once again this weekend. When asked about his day Cudlin admitted that a mechanical problem cost him valuable track time:

damian-cudlin-aragon-motogp-2013“It was a frustrating day because the first run in FP1 was pretty good and we got down to a decent laptime straight away but when we tried bike two we had some brake problems. We found the problem and fixed but bike two wasn’t working as well as bike one. So in FP2 we worked from the base setting of FP1 and it worked well. We also tried an upgrade in the electronics and that worked well too so that was one positive for sure. When the wind picked up in the second practice it affects this bike a lot with the front not being loaded so we’ll try and put more weight over the front.”

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