Massa: We need some luck

Felipe-Massa-swimming-pool-entry-Monaco-FP2-2012Felipe Massa was pleased with his qualifying efforts ahead of Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Brazilian, who will leave Ferrari at the end of the season, looked confident throughout the qualifying session and more confident than his teammate, Ferando Alonso. Massa will start eighth on the grid and after the session he admitted that a mistake at the last corner had cost him the chance of starting further up the field.

Speaking to the media after the session Massa said:

“Seventh was the maximum we could achieve,” said Massa. “I had big oversteer in the last corner but I took the best out of the car. I was talking with Fernando before qualifying and we were nervous about getting into Q3. We know that the evening is better compared to the hot temperatures in the afternoon at this track for the rear of the car. At this track traction is so important and it’s been a problem of our car for a long time. Depending on the track we suffer more or it’s better. This is not a good track for us.”

When asked how if the difficulties that Ferrari have experienced since midseason have now left them unable to fight with Mercedes and Lotus for second in the Construcators’ Championship Massa admitted that his team would need some luck during tomorrow’s 55 lap race to stand any chance of challenging their rivals.

“This is the car that we have and it’s slower than the Mercedes. We’ll fight and do the best that we can to finish ahead of these two teams but they have a better car than us. We need to have some luck to finish ahead because Mercedes are able to fight for the first three places today.”

On a more positive note for the Brazilian he once again outqualified Alonso, the fifth time in the last six races, and after the session he discussed how this season the battle between the Ferrari drivers has been closer in qualifying:

“For sure the situation is competitive and over the whole championship it has been really competitive between me and Fernando in qualifying. I’ve done a good job in qualifying and now even in the race I’m closer. We will finish these three races in the best position we can with the car.” 

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