Pedrosa hails best Phillip Island MotoGP result

dani-pedrosa-philip-island-motogp-fp2-2013Dani Pedrsoa has never excelled at Philip Island, the Spaniard has one victory in the 250cc class to his name, and the Spaniard was thrilled to have a career best day in MotoGP at the Australian circuit. Pedrosa finished second, just under seven seconds behind Jorge Lorezno, on a difficult day where riders had to change motorcycles due to tyre problems.

Afterwards he explained that he was fortunate to finish on the rostrum after almost crashing in the early stages of the shortened 19 lap race:

“I was trailing in the beginning because I had a big slide and almost crashed,” said the Spaniard. “I was trying to get back to [the leaders] before the pitstop and I was getting close and I managed to do that.

 I pitted more on instinct [than startegy. I knew that I could stop on lap nine or lap ten but in the race conditions that I was I decided to pit first [before Lorenzo and Marquez]. I was in third place and I could see that Marc and Jorge were keeping going so I said that I would pit now when there is no traffic. My pitstop was not too bad and I was quite fast on the outlap with cold tyre.

“When I got into the first corner it was not so bad but on the second bike it felt like the front was flat and that I couldn’t push as much but I tried to manage the race as best as I could and finish on the podium. Today I’m very happy because I’m never happy at this track but all weekend I was competitive.”

With Pedrosa’s Repsol Honda teammate, Marc Marquez, having been disqualified for not pitting during the designated pit window Pedrosa shed some light on how the situation was easy to arise for any of the riders:

“The race was very tricky for the mechanics and it was very complicated to understand when you come in. Was it nine when you cross or nine before you cross? So it was difficult.”

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