Engine mounting bolt comes loss for Pedrosa

dani-pedrosa-philip-island-motogp-fp2-2013Dani Pedrosa ended the day fourth fastest but another one of a kind mechanical issue almost caused him to crash in FP2. Just two races after his clash with Marc Marquez in Aragon caused HRC’s rear wheel speed sensor became the centre of attention in today Pedrosa’s engine mounting bolt was the issue.

The bolt came away from his Honda as he came through Lucky Heights during the afternoon session and afterwards Pedrosa admitted that he was very lucky not to have crashed as a result of the problem:

“I had started from the box and on the first lap I heard a sound and I thought that something was wrong,” said Pedrosa. “When I saw the [engine mounting] bolt coming out of the bike I immediately stopped the bike. I couldn’t use the whole practice time which was a negative but I was pretty lucky to avoid a crash today.”

dani pedrosa misano motogp fp2 2013Pedrosa came back into the pits and would eventually finish the day third fasest. With a new track surface at Philip Island the challenges have changed somewhat for riders and tomorrow Pedrosa said that he will focus on evaluating tyre wear to choose his race tyre:

“The new asphalt is much better now. There’s a lot less bumps and more grip so it gives a lot more confidence and the tyres were a better today. The biggest improvement is in grip because the tyres are sticking to the ground more and it’s [gives] a lot of confidence to the riders. Turn one and the last corner are the biggest improvements. We will try and choose the right tyres with the new asphalt, nobody knows [which is best].”

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