Stronger power map leaves Crutchlow spinning it up

cal-crutchlow-sepang-motogp-fp4-2013Having struggled for engine power in recent races Cal Crutchlow actually had an issue with too much power at Sepang with the Tech3 consistently spinning its rear tyre on corner exits. The Englishman fought throughout the race with Alvaro Bautista and had to settle for sixth at the flag, behind the Spaniard.

“In qualifying we ran a strong power map and I was happy with it but the track was a lot cooler,” said Crutchlow. “I wanted to use that power map again in the race but we had a lot more power from corner to corner so we just spinning the rear tyre. As soon as we went to push we had too much torque but we’ll learn from that.

cal-crutchlow-2-sepang-motogp-fp2-2013“At Aragon we were so slow in a straight line that we had to try something here. On the exit of the corner it never worked so I changed the map once to calm it down but it was still more than the other Yamaha’s. Basically we were just spinning too much but I was pleased with the braking and we seem to have done something there.”

Crutchlow finished the race over 20 seconds behind the race leader but afterwards he felt that the fight with Bautista accounted for a lot of that margin:

cal-crutchlow-alvaro-bautista-sepang-motogp-race-2013“We finished so far back because me and Alvaro were fighting so much. The distance was big to the winner and I think that the distance could have been better to Valentino but with our power control setting from corner to corner it was never going to happen because we were just lighting up the rear tyre.”

Having struggled throughout the weekend with his arm injury Crutchlow had no issues throughout the race and thought that there was little to be concerned about right swollen right forearm at the next race in Australia:

“I had no problem in the race with my arm. My arm is big and swollen but it’s got better everytime this weekend that I was riding so it seems to be that the arm needs to be used to get the blood going through it. Australia shouldn’t be a problem because there’s no heavy braking. I want to make a good race there and there’s no reason that we shouldn’t.” 

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