Lorenzo: “We can’t control the performance of other riders”

Jorge-Lorenzo-Sepang-MotoGP-FP2-2013Jorge Lorenzo was over one second off the pace in Malaysia following the opening day of practice with the Spaniard having problems throughout the day.

With the Honda of Dani Pedrosa setting the pace and Marc Marquez and Alvaro Bautista faster than him it was clear that the performance gap between the Yamaha and its arch rival is growing more pronounced. Speaking after the day’s running was complete Lorenzo however made clear that he is focussing on what Yamaha can do to improve rather than concentrating on the performance his major rivals:

We cannot control the performance of the other riders and all we can do is improve ourselves and it is not so good at the moment. The main problem is with the rear under braking and acceleration.”

dani pedrosa jorge lorenzo practice starts misano motogp qualifying 2013When asked to compare his Yamaha to the Honda and where it gains the biggest advantage Lorenzo confirmed that the biggest issue was under braking. This has been a constant issue for Yamaha over the last 12 months and it has clearly been an area where Honda have made huge strides with Pedrosa and Marquez able to brake aggressively into the corner while turning in whereas the Yamaha riders have to brake in a straight line and swoop to the corner apex.

“To compare our performance to the Honda we lose most of our performance under braking. We can’t improve the braking but if we can improve on acceleration and corning than we might win races. Obviously compared to the Honda it is very difficult to fight with them under braking. At this moment we cannot [be aggressive under braking] but it is what we would like to do and it would make things easier for me.”

jorge-lorenzo-cal-crutchlow-laguna-seca-race-2013With just four races remaining Lorenzo’s title hopes are fading but he is not prepared to throw in the towel anytime soon:

“I have to positive and be ready and try to improve if you are not happy it is the start of the finish.”

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