Pedrosa focused on recovery

dani-pedrosa-qualifying-laguna-seca-2013In the space of three races Dani Pedrosa has gone from MotoGP title favourite to a rider under pressure due to injuries. The Spaniard, racing with a partially fractured collarbone, has seen his championship lead evaporate and now the Repsol Honda rider trails his teammate, Marc Marquez, by 16 points.
When asked after the race to assess his performance at Laguna Seca Pedrosa focussed on his injury but he did also comment on how difficult it is to ride a contemporary MotoGP bike when not 100% fit:
“You can see that these bikes are so powerful and difficult to ride when you are not fully fit,” said Pedrosa. “Jorge did a perfect race in Assen and here also given his condition and he showed that he is very brave but to hold on to the pace you have to be fit.”
With the championship at its halfway point it is inevitable that focus starts to shift to the world championship standings and in the last three races Pedrosa has lost a lot of ground, something which the former 125cc and 25cc champion admitted to:
dani-pedrosa-laguna-seca-race-2013“I lost a big amount of points in the last three races and I know that I have not had good results because at Assen I had a problem, Germany I didn’t race and here I was injured. I know if I can do a normal race that I will be [at the front]. The most important thing for me is to get fit and stay focused, you can see how a small mistake can lead to this. 
“I will try and recover as fast as I can to be fit for the next three races. There are three races in a row and the important thing is not to make a mistake in the first or second race and have to take it to the next one.”
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