Marquez and Rossi joke about overtaking move

valentino-rossi-marc-marquez-laguna-seca-race-2013Marc Marquez’ stunning overtaking move on Valentino Rossi in the early stages of the US Grand Prix has become an instant classic in MotoGP and replicated a contentious move that Rossi made on Casey Stoner in 2008. On that day Rossi used the move as a springboard to a victory, just as Marquez did today, but unlike in 2008 both riders were able to laugh and joke about it afterwards.
When asked for his thoughts on the overtaking move Marquez joked that, “I already said to Valentino that I would pay the copyright!” The victor went on to comment about the move:
“When I saw the video of 2008 I thought it was impossible but today I released the brakes a little because there was no space and I made the pass in the same place as Valentino did. I enjoyed it!”
Afterwards Rossi’s admiration of Marquez was clear but he also made a pointed joke at Marquez’ team manager Livio Suppo by saying:
marc-marquez-2-laguna-seca-fp3-2013“I do want to talk to about the overtake, particularly with Livio Supo,” said Rossi. “In 2008 you and Stoner broke my balls because of that move so what do you have to say about today? Should Marc be disqualified?”
Suppo took the joke in step and thanked Marquez for “Getting some payback!”
Rossi did admit however that he felt today it was too difficult to fight with Marquez after his unexpected move:
“Today was not the right day to fight with Marc because he was too fast for me but before the end of the year we will have another chance to fight when we are faster. That corner is very tricky because you never see where the kerb finishes. I expected Marc from the other side but he did something different. It was a great overtake.”
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