Laverty in positive frame of mind ahead of Laguna

Michael Laverty Le Mans MotoGP Qualifying 2013Laguna Seca is one of the most challenging circuits on the MotoGP calendar but for PBM rookie Michael Laverty this weekend represents an opportunity to score points. With the circuit lacking a long straight the top end speed disadvantage of a CRT machine is negated with the emphasis on having good traction and acceleration:
“This is one of the circuits that should suit the CRT bikes because there’s less long straights,” commented the Ulsterman. “There’s obviously some fast bits but it’s mostly about acceleration here. The CRT bike isn’t losing too much on acceleration to the Yamaha or Ducati-it loses a lot to the Honda-but it’s not bad. So around here we should be closer. Acceleration isn’t something that the CRT bikes lack.”
Michael Laverty Le Mans MotoGP Race 2013 (4)Laverty did however admit that “You never know what to expect. There have been some circuits lately where I looked at and I thought would suit me. At Assen, somewhere where I have previous experience, was my toughest weekend because the bike didn’t work well in the dry. You just don’t know what to expect.”
The PBM squad are continuing to fine tune their all new for 2013 bike with chassis adjustments, including changing the weight distribution. When asked about where these adjustments are concentrated Laverty said:
“Finding a base setup [is the focus]. We are really concentrating on that and slowly fine tuning the torque maps and traction control. We looked at the data from the ART bike and looked at their dimensions-where their wheels are, the head angles, the head pipe positions-and to try and put the engine weight in the same position.” 
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