Webber: There was definitely more time out there

Mark-Webber-Monaco-2013Mark Webber stretched his streak of qualifying on the front two rows of the British to five years and the Australian was satisfied with his performance but felt that he could have improved his time:
“We need to go forward from fourth,” said Webber. “I would have liked to have a better finish to the lap, there  was definitely more time there, but I think that Nico would have been hard to beat.” 
Speaking to the media Webber confirmed that the track conditions were quite difficult with low track temperatures and a gusting cross wind and it made things very challenging for drivers. Webber also commented that if you hit the sweet spot in terms of conditions it was possible to find large performance gains:
I think that everyone can talk about how there can be big swings in terms of laptime because of the wind, it’s the same for everybody, but you have to factor that in but it was a well executed quali and we’re in a good position for the race.”
Starting behind his teammate, Sebastian Vettel, will mean that Webber will have to cede the preferential race strategy but that is not something which is overly concerning the Australian.
“Seb will have call on the first stop and that doesn’t make life any easier but that’s how the rules are. Qualifying is such a big factor these days in the intra team challenge but there’s a lot of dynamics in the race. I’ve been making good starts lately so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.”
When asked if he expected Mercedes to falter in the race Webber dismissed any such speculation by saying he expects a close race at the front:
“The last time they raced at this type of circuit was at Barcelona and they were lapped, I dont think that will happen again. They’ve moved the car forwards lately so I’m not expecting them ot be too slow tomorrow. We’ll put the pressure on them.”
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