Lack of dry running leaves Laverty struggling

Michael Laverty Le Mans MotoGP Race 2013 (5)A lack of dry track time hampered Michael Laverty with the PBM rider having to settle for 22nd on the grid for the Dutch TT.
Having struggled in yesterday’s opening practice session the team were forced to try radical changes on the drying track in FP4 before qualifying. Running a brand new bike means that there is no data from past years to use as a guideline and it has hurt the PBM squad this weekend.
Speaking after qualifying Laverty said:
“We had no dry track time and I knew after FP1 yesterday that we were quite far away with the dry setup,” commented the Ulsterman. “In FP4 we tried a few things but the bike was terrible so we tried a few things for qualifying but had to try some things for the setup and only got eight laps in. Qualifying was a bit of a disaster and I didnt get a decent lap in at all. I tried to use it for tomorrow though so came in and tried to improve things.”
When asked exactly where he was struggling Laverty said that steering into the the faster corners was the main challenge:
“It’s really hard to steer here in the fast corners and here there are so many kinks that need to be linked up so at the minute we’re have a hard time but we’ll try and pinpoint the problem tonight with the data. If it’s wet we’ve got a really good setting but we could have done with another dry session and that’s the downside with developing a new bike. We need the track time and we just haven’t had that this weekend.”
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