Dovi: “no excuse” for kicking Barbera

Andrea Dovizioso Le Mans Qualifying 2013Andrea Dovizioso struggled today and failed to make it out of Q1 but the Italian’s speed was not the issue after the session.
In the closing stages Dovizioso was approaching Hector Barbera on a fast lap when the Spaniard blocked him through one of the corners and forced Dovizioso to back off. Enraged Dovizioso gestured in the direction of his rival. He was clearly upset and on the slowing down lap he let his emotions get the better of him and he kicked Barbera.
Speaking afterwards Dovizioso admitted that he was wrong to kick Barbera and he was clearly very disappointed by both his performance on track and his actions:
“I made a mistake and I didn’t have to kick him,” said the former 125cc world champion. “He has done this one hundred times with all the riders. I wasn’t faster and It didn’t change my position I don’t want to make an excuse but my T1 was better and he intentionally tried to stop me. That was the reason why I was really angry. 
“Every rider has been angry with him because unfortunately the CRT bikes have less power and they try and stop the fast riders in the middle of the lap so they can start the lap together. It’s bad because if you want to follow somebody there’s no problem but you don’t have to disturb the faster rider. You need to be on the right side and then try and follow the faster rider.”  
Both riders were called in front of race direction and were given one point penalties for their actions.
“We spoke with race direction and they gave us both one point and I think it’s OK,” said Dovizioso. “I made a mistake and it was something that no one should do.”
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