Dovi makes progress on Friday

Andrea Dovizioso Cal Crutchlow Le Mans MotoGP Race 2013 (2)Ducati are struggling at Assen with Andrea Dovizioso 11th fastest in the dry but a more encouraging fifth fastest in the wet.
Speaking after the afternoon session Dovizioso said:
“In the wet we know that we are quite fast but this track is different to Le Mans in that we have to spend more time at an angle which limits our advantage in traction but we are quite fast,” said the Italian. This morning in the dry was difficult. Our negative points, pumping and the wind, are worse here so it was quite difficult to do a good time this morning. But if we can have more time in the dry we can reduce the gap. This morning the gap was quite big because the fast guys were already close to the race record so I don’t think they can be much faster.”
Dovizioso did see positives from the day and the progress the team made encouraged him but he knows that more dry running is essential if he is to find a better balance and improve on his disappointing FP1 showing:
Andrea Dovizioso Le Mans Qualifying 2013 (2)“We improved in practice and the speed was quite good when there was a lot of rain. We have to improve the grip on angle as this is the key point to being really fast and fighting for the podium in the wet.”
The Italian also commented that the track was very slippery and that when riders started to push there was a risk of crashing because so much of the lap is spent with the bike at high lean angles and therefore putting a lot of strain on the tyres. When asked about why there was so many crashes across all three classes today the former 125cc world champion said:
“You could see many crashes today because on angle the grip is not so good and when you lose it at maximum angle there is not much time to recover the problem.”
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