Stoner slams Cortese’s riding

Casey Stoner slammed Sandro Cortese’s riding in today’s Moto3 race at Assen.

The reigning MotoGP world champion tweeted his disgust just after Cortese made contact with his Ajo Motorsport teammate, Danny Kent:

“Cortese needs to have more than a slap on the wrist for his riding in this race,” tweeted Stoner. “He’s going to cause a huge crash if he doesn’t stop it.Kentrode a really nice race and deserved more than he got, maybe he shouldn’t be so nice to Cortese next time.”

After a difficult start to his campaignKentwas battling for the race win when he clashed with his teammate and ultimately could only finish third after a photo finish with Cortese and Luis Salom.

The result marked the first podium ofKent’s Grand Prix career but after winning the MotoGP race Stoner still had the earlier incident on his mind.

“There’s tough riding and there’s hard riding but you have to give racing room,” said Stoner. “If somebody hits someone else at that speed and they come and hit a wall and something really bad could have happened to Danny today. I think he needs to be spoken to and told to just give a couple more inches otherwise something needs to be done.”

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