May decision for Bahrain GP

A decision on whether the Bahrain Grand Prix will take place in 2011 will have to be made before the 1st of May.

The World Motorsport Council met today in Paris but was unable to make any firm decisions on whether the race could be reorganised. They have said that they will give the race organisers another seven weeks to determine if the race can take place on the Gulf island.

For the race to take place Bahraini officials would have to be able to guarantee that there would be no risk to anyone travelling to the Grand Prix; something that would seem all but impossible to guarantee at present.

If, in the unlikely event, the race does get rescheduled there is very few available slots without causing a huge reshuffle of the calendar. The most talked about slot is before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and pushing the Brazilian race back a week.

Such an arrangement would likely be met with opposition from the teams due to the pressure and strain of adding another race at the end of a gruelling season. Seeing as the teams need to agree to any changes it is all but impossible to see how the Bahrain Grand Prix will be raced this season.

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