Abraham takes maiden win after dramatic Moto2 race

Karel Abraham claimed a surprise win in the final Moto2 race of the season. The Czech rider, moving to MotoGP in 2011, benefitted from a Toni Elias crash after the champion clashed with Iannone on the last lap. Abraham though thoroughly deserved his win after a spirited ride that cast aside alot of the doubts about his ability to ride a Ducati next season.

This race was unquestionably one of the best of the season with drama all the way. The race started with Elias losing ground at the start after the pole-sitter fell back to fifth. He made his way through the field though and was quickly in contention. The star of the early running though was World Supersport champion Kenan Sofuoglu who threw down a marker for next season with a strong start to the race.

Ultimately the Turkish rider’s race ended early; he clashed with Stefan Bradl at the first corner on lap nine. Bradl only lasted two more laps before the Portuguese Grand Prix victor crashed out of the battle from the lead after losing the front end through the fast flip flop at the end of the lap.

This left a battle for lead involving Iannone, Simon, Elias, Abraham, Redding, Luthi and De Angelis. After a series of dramatic laps that saw numerous overtaking moves between the leaders De Angelis started to lose ground and it became a battle of six. Simon looked very strong and took the lead from Iannone but the Italian, who had appeared to struggle, quickly reasserted himself with Abraham lurking behind them ready to capitalise on any mistake.

Elias was making his way through the field and eager to sign off from his title winning season with another victory. His desire to win though meant that he forced his bike through the inside of Simon for second but this also led him into a gap that was too small and he clashed with Iannone. With Iannone running wide Abraham was able to find his way through to lead with only half a lap remaining of the race.

Julian Simon must have fancied his chances of moving through into second from Iannone but the Spaniard was not able to find a way through. This left Abraham clear to clinch his first Grand Prix victory. The transformation of the Czech rider since the announcement of his promotion to MotoGP has been startling. His performance today showed remarkable progress from the rider that started the season as a potential crasher at seemingly every corner. With the paddock openly questioning whether it was safe to have him in the premier class Abraham answered those questions with aplomb today.

Pos  Rider                  Bike            Time/Gap
 1.  Karel Abraham          FTR           43m49.499s
 2.  Andrea Iannone         Speed Up        + 0.522s
 3.  Julian Simon           Suter           + 0.583s
 4.  Thomas Luthi           Moriwaki        + 0.760s
 5.  Scott Redding          Suter           + 4.205s
 6.  Alex de Angelis        Motobi          + 5.385s
 7.  Simone Corsi           Motobi         + 11.399s
 8.  Sergio Gadea           Pons Kalex     + 21.420s
 9.  Dominique Aegerter     Suter          + 22.439s
10.  Gabor Talmacsi         Speed Up       + 22.912s
11.  Jules Cluzel           Suter          + 23.511s
12.  Kenny Noyes            Promoharris    + 25.169s
13.  Alex Debon             FTR            + 30.571s
14.  Yonny Hernandez        BQR            + 31.077s
15.  Xavier Simeon          Moriwaki       + 31.276s
16.  Javier Fores           AJR            + 33.381s
17.  Alex Baldolini         ICP            + 33.548s
18.  Yuki Takahashi         Tech 3         + 37.556s
19.  Claudio Corti          Suter          + 38.602s
20.  Michael Ranseder       Suter          + 38.763s
21.  Hector Faubel          Suter          + 39.540s
22.  Ratthapark Wilairot    Bimota         + 39.835s
23.  Roman Ramos            Mir            + 39.849s
24.  Raffaele de Rosa       Tech 3         + 40.519s
25.  Roberto Rolfo          Suter          + 42.803s
26.  Mike di Meglio         Suter          + 44.234s
27.  Anthony West           MZ           + 1m01.722s
28.  Joan Olive             Promoharris  + 1m02.031s
29.  Vladimir Ivanov        Moriwaki     + 1m09.526s
30.  Toni Elias             Moriwaki     + 1m25.529s
31.  Yannick Guerra         Moriwaki         + 1 lap
32.  Mashel Al Naimi        BQR              + 1 lap
33.  Hiromichi Kunikawa     Bimota           + 1 lap


     Axel Pons              Pons Kalex   26 laps
     Robertino Pietri       Suter        22 laps
     Fonsi Nieto            Moriwaki     18 laps
     Ferruccio Lamborghini  Moriwaki     17 laps
     Stefan Bradl           Suter        11 laps
     Kenan Sofuoglu         Suter        9 laps
     Carmelo Morales        Suter        7 laps
     Valentin Debise        ADV          4 laps
     Ricard Cardus          Bimota       0 laps


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