Marquez dominates 125 qualifying at Motegi

Marc Marquez laid down a marker in the qualifying session for the 125cc Japanese Grand Prix.

The Derbi rider, currently third in the championship, clinched a ninth pole position of the season comfortably ahead of Nico Terol by 0.4s. Marquez looks to be in dominant form and a series of fast laps netted the pole. Terol on the other hand looks to be consistently three tenths of a second a lap slower than his compatriot. The race though could be a very different story, Terol has tended to have an edge over Marquez recently and while he needs to find some speed Terol, and the Aspar team, have long been known for their race day prowess.

Alongside the title contenders on the front row are Bradley Smith and Sandro Cortese. Smith set his fastest time very early in the session but the Englishman looks to be in strong form once again this weekend and is sure to challenge for the podium. His principal rival will be Cortese. The German, teammate of Marquez, has been in great form of late with two podiums in the last five races and could add to his haul in Japan.

The home crowd has reason to cheer with Tomy Koyama lining up fifth on the grid ahead of Rabat and Pol Espargaro. Espargaro, second in the championship, had a torrid session and finished almost two seconds adrift of Marquez. These weekends has seen the Spnaird crash twice and he has also suffered his worst qualifying performance of the season. With the title race so finely balanced Espargaro can ill afford to finish off the podium tomorrow.

Pos  Rider                Bike       Time       Gap
 1.  Marc Marquez         Derbi      1m58.030s
 2.  Nicolas Terol        Aprilia    1m58.447s  + 0.417s
 3.  Bradley Smith        Aprilia    1m59.026s  + 0.996s
 4.  Sandro Cortese       Derbi      1m59.102s  + 1.072s
 5.  Tomoyoshi Koyama     Aprilia    1m59.209s  + 1.179s
 6.  Esteve Rabat         Aprilia    1m59.660s  + 1.630s
 7.  Pol Espargaro        Derbi      1m59.873s  + 1.843s
 8.  Simone Grotzkyj      Aprilia    1m59.991s  + 1.961s
 9.  Alberto Moncayo      Aprilia    2m00.177s  + 2.147s
10.  Efren Vazquez        Derbi      2m00.249s  + 2.219s
11.  Jonas Folger         Aprilia    2m00.345s  + 2.315s
12.  Randy Krummenacher   Aprilia    2m00.595s  + 2.565s
13.  Danny Webb           Aprilia    2m00.634s  + 2.604s
14.  Luis Salom           Aprilia    2m01.015s  + 2.985s
15.  Adrian Martin        Aprilia    2m01.083s  + 3.053s
16.  Danny Kent           Lambretta  2m01.109s  + 3.079s
17.  Takehiro Yamamoto    Honda      2m01.285s  + 3.255s
18.  Johann Zarco         Aprilia    2m01.411s  + 3.381s
19.  Marco Ravaioli       Lambretta  2m01.660s  + 3.630s
20.  Jakub Kornfeil       Aprilia    2m01.684s  + 3.654s
21.  Marcel Schrotter     Honda      2m01.763s  + 3.733s
22.  Jasper Iwema         Aprilia    2m02.071s  + 4.041s
23.  Louis Rossi          Aprilia    2m02.240s  + 4.210s
24.  Sturla Fagerhaug     Aprilia    2m02.309s  + 4.279s
25.  Sasuke Shinozaki     Yamaha     2m02.521s  + 4.491s
26.  Hikari Ookubo        Honda      2m02.816s  + 4.786s
27.  Zulfahmi Khairuddin  Aprilia    2m03.316s  + 5.286s
28.  Syunya Mori          Honda      2m03.592s  + 5.562s
29.  Lorenzo Savadori     Aprilia    2m04.109s  + 6.079s
30.  Yuma Yahagi          Honda      2m04.619s  + 6.589s
31.  Luca Marconi         Aprilia    2m05.921s  + 7.891s
32.  Tommaso Gabrielli    Aprilia    2m14.113s  + 16.083s
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